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1968-1972 Chevelle Parts

By 1968 the muscle car craze was in full swing with the “performance era” upon the industry.

A major redesign of the Chevy Chevelle SS took place and the 396 returned in 325, 350 and 375bhp, though they still suffered from poor handling and four speed linkage. SS396 styling became an option package on all Chevy Chevelle's . Late in the 1969 model year the 396 was bored out to 402 ci to meet new emissions standards but Chevelle remained one of the most popular muscle cars of the era. 1970 saw the introduction of the most popular Chevrolet Chevelle SS with the new 454 cubic inch engine. The entry level 454 was known as LS5 with 360bhp. Top engine choice was the LS6 version at 450bhp. Standard SS 396 continued with 402cid engines. Optional on both the 396 and 454 was the new cowl-induction hood which had a rear facing flapper near the base of the windshield to feed air into the engine, truly the pinnacle of the 1970 Chevelle SS performance. By 1971 the muscle car market was collapsing. In response to increasing emissions regulations, Chevrolet was detuning all of its engines and introducing new entry level engines. The standard engine was now the 350 V8 two barrel and a 350 V8 four barrel at only 245bhp and 270bhp, respectively. The Chevelle SS and Malibu sales were still good, but imports had begun flooding the market. The gas crunch was in full swing and further dilution of the Chevelle SS was taking engine ratings down across the board though not necessarily changing power. It was a sad time for performance fans.