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1973-1977 Chevelle Parts

Production dilution had reached its lowest point by this time and the SS package was technically available on the Chevelle station wagon. Completely redesigned and engines further detuned, this would be the last year for the Chevrolet Chevelle SS.

Keeping the big body, Chevrolet tried heading for a new look for the Chevelle with squarer lines and longer styling that became less popular with Chevelle fans. 1973 became known as the first forgotten year. By 1974 V8’s were now known as the “gas hog” so many opted for the 6 cylinders. Chevelle, known as the big car, was starting to lack power and needed a big change. Malibu began fading from the limelight with slow sales and the Chevelle, would not survive long. The 1976 Chevelle Malibu is that which many people remember from the late 70’s, now a family car. Stealing sales was the El Camino, a breed of its own and the Malibu was becoming a legacy. Chevelle Malibu and American sales began to drop off in 1977 with import sales increasing in the USA. Additional stringent emissions regulations were put in place dampening motor performance on Chevelle even more. With public approval, Chevy stopped making the luxury and focused on the economy.